I’m Chelsea. The face behind Chelsea Flowers Photography. I'm a fun lovin', sweat pants wearing, guitar playing, 1920's everything obsessed, Gen X’r.

I am typically found with coffee in hand. I play my music really loud. And I dance while I cook. I have a fierce love for my family and friends. And most days, I am just pretending to adult through this beautiful mess we call life

I'm your photographer, 
but I'm also your champion.


I'm one of the first to meet your day-old baby, the one who captures that mischievous grin your toddler makes when she's trying to steal cookies from the pantry, and the one who freezes the look of love in your husband's eyes - 10 years after saying 'I do.' 
I put my soul into this work because I believe in a bigger picture - the one that tells a true story, the one that goes beyond the way you look, and into the way you make each other feel!

Let's grab a coffee and chat!


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- cherish the gap teeth, messy hair, and grass stains

- prefer the idea of capturing personality over posing

- want to see these photos 25 years from now and say

"yup..that was us!"


Ohio, Indiana, and Northern Kentucky Photographer.

Cincinnati, OH | 513.222.8309