Nora & Lucy | Lawrenceburg Indiana Photographer

Meet sweet Nora & Lucy, two adorable sisters who were warm and cozy in their PJ's while reading a magical Christmas book by the tree! Even though it was a cold afternoon, we did sneak outside for a quick sip of delicious hot cocoa with marshmallows.


Shooting outdoors is wonderful, when it’s warm. When it’s cold, or raining, things tend to be a little less awesome outside. But, that's what I love about winter, it's a time for indoor sessions, and home is a perfect indoor spot!

In-Home Lifestyle Sessions are super fun! Your home is a big part of your life, and it can add fantastic meaning to your images. It's where you can be YOU! Have fun and play a game, get warm and snugly & read a book, make delicious hot cocoa, bake cookies in your jammies—these kinds of activities are excellent for photos, and clients feel less nervous and awkward by just relaxing and having fun.These sessions are super special, and they are my most favorite kind of photos to take.

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