What to bring: Senior Guys | Cincinnati, Ohio Photographer

Senior Guys

Guys can accessorize too! Bring your favorite hats, sunglasses, watches, a bow-tie, or anything that adds personality! (Tip: Accessories look especially great on black and white photos). Props like musical instruments,sporting equipment and even a pet, car or surfboard.

Diversify your photo session. Bring a couple different outfits. You might even consider a suit or tux. Every guy looks good dressed up (as you can see in the pic to the left)--Nice and classy. You can always checkout Pinterest for awesome style ideas, and color coordination.

Things to Avoid: Loud patterns, logo shirts, or big graphics. As much as you love that hilarious t-shirt now, you may regret it down the road.Instead, opt for solid colors, layers and textures. Subtle or small prints work too. Change it up. If you wear jeans and a tee in one scene, try khakis and a golf shirt in the next.

Set aside the outfits you plan to wear to avoid making any rush decisions. Make sure everything is ironed with no missing buttons or holes.

*Tips: Moisturize and use plenty of chapstick in the week leading up to your session. Don’t make any drastic changes to your hair’s style or color right before your session day either, there may be no time for color corrections. And finally relax and be your handsome self—you are going to look great, I promise

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