What to bring: Senior Girls | Cincinnati, Ohio HS Senior Photographer

Senior Girls

Bring any of your favorite accessories, including bags, sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, etc.) Props that show off your personality, like musical instruments, sporting equipment, (you can even bring your pet!). Maybe throw in some touch-up tools for hair and make-up.

Bring a couple different outfits to vary your style. If you pick a dress for one scene, bring jeans and a tee to contrast it in the next. Solid colors, layers, and textured pieces photograph great--but subtle or small prints work well too. You can always browse Pinterest to get ideas.

Avoid low-cut tops and short hemlines. I will be using a variety of poses, so you’ll want to wear clothing that you can move around and sit comfortably in. (Plus,you don’t want to give Grandma any unwanted surprises.)

Make sure everything is ironed, with no missing buttons or holes. Finally, be your gorgeous self! As long as the real you shines through, your photos are going to look great.

*Tips: A few days leading up to your session, moisturize and use plenty of chapstick. Don’t make any drastic changes to your hair’s style or color. Remove chipped nail polish and leave your nails clean or apply fresh polish. Get plenty of sleep the night before your session.

If you decide to spray tan, visit a professional a few days in advance and tell them you're getting your senior portraits done. I would not recommend trying this at home if you never have used self-tanner before.

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