Best Time of Day for Your Session | Lawrenceburg Indiana Family Photographer

Does the time of day even really matter? Yes. Time of day absolutely matters!

Not only because we all have busy schedules, and planning is a must, but it matters in achieving the best lighting and outcome for your pictures.

So what is the best time of day? The absolute BEST time of day to schedule your session is, "The Golden Hour", which is within 1-2 hours of sunset. That's when you get the warm, golden, just right light. It would be nearly impossible to schedule every session that way. So I like to tell my clients that ideal session times are early morning before 10am, or later in the evening after 6pm in the Summer. At these times, the sun is at its lowest point in the sky. Shooting early to mid- afternoon means having to contend with the sun, which can cast too harsh of light on the subjects, leaving us to seek out more shady areas.

**During Fall and Winter, these times are adjusted according to the time of sunset, as the sun will begin to set earlier in the evening.

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