What to Wear | Cincinnati, OH | Family Photographer

"What should I wear?" Next to choosing the perfect location, 'what to wear' is one of the most asked questions from my clients. I have 5 tips that may help you before you session day. Make sure you plan ahead on choosing outfits. The last thing you want is to be rushing around the night before your session finding that perfect outfit. 1. Coordinate Colors It’s important to color coordinate your outfits, without everyone wearing the exact same thing. All plaid or all white can be painfully overpowering in your final image. I like to start by telling my clients for family or group photos, start by picking two main neutral colors like tan, grey, or navy blue. Then spice it up with an accent color, or even a color or a pattern that pops against the neutrals. Avoid mixing too many patterns, as it will seem busy and take the viewers eye away from the subject. When you color coordinate, everyone's outfit goes together without being too "matchy-matchy".​ 2. Dress for the season & location Obviously you want your images to make sense. One typically wouldn’t wear 6 inch stiletto heals in the middle of the woods, or boots, jeans, and a coat to the beach in Mid Summer- so why would you for pictures? Dress the part and be aware of your location. You will want to make sure that everyone is on the same page and coordinates in both colors AND styles.​​ 3. Texture & Layers! One of my most favorite (and important!) tips for my clients. Be sure to have some layers, texture, and dimension in your pictures! Accessorize! Summer months are harder to layer, but it can be done in a simple way. Layer your son in a colored shirt, or maybe add a button down over it, your daughter with a belt that adds a pop of color to her dress. Spring is harder to layer because we are always so ready for cooler/summer type clothes, but throwing some layers and a few accessories provides the texture. Think hats for boys, a light airy scarf for girls, belts, hair bows, leggings with a ruffled skirt, necklaces, think layers!​​ 4. Be Timeless For some fashionista’s, this may be a difficult concept, however you are going to want these images to stand the test of time. Pick outfits that aren’t considered too trendy, but will be able to be enjoyed and displayed for many years to come. One example of something that is timeless is jeans, or a simple dress-- classic look and style yet you can still incorporate your own flair into the outfit with your tops and accessories. Still be YOU, never forget that! 5. No Logos/Character Shirts or Ripped Jeans Unless we are doing a photo shoot for an advertisement, a HS Senior shoot, or you are paid for endorsements, it is best to not wear clothing with logos. The logo takes the attention away from you and makes for a distracting image. That also goes for ripped jeans. I know worn is "in" now, but in a few years it might not be the hottest thing. Go with a nice pair of jeans with minimal grunge look. Think simple.

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