Professional Prints vs Store Prints | Cincinnati, Ohio Photographer

Now, I’m not knocking a store prints from somewhere such as Target, Walmart, I have used my fair share of in-store prints myself from my local drugstore. I understand there are people out there who just loathe ordering online and waiting for their prints to ship. I want to make my clients aware of issues that can arise when you choose to print in-store.

As you can tell from the above images, where you choose to print makes a difference. The original edited image is top left-- the professional print of that image is next to it on the top right. The professionally printed image holds true, whereas the rest of the images printed in-store, differ in color and sharpness. I always inform my clients- that if they decide to use an in-store lab, make sure they UNCHECK the color correction box, and make sure to choose the correct cropping option if applicable, before processing them. Even though this is not a guarantee, it will help the printer more closely match the colors on the original edited.

Most photographers (myself included) have their computer monitor color calibrated with the professional lab that they use. That way, when you print through the photographer, you will get an exact color match of the images.

If you are in a pinch and need a copy of your images ASAP, then by all means run to Target or Walgreens-- but if you can order through your photographer, or somewhere like, you will more pleased with the outcome of your images, as they specialize in producing quality images.

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