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From time to time, client's tell me they are concerned about holding their Newborn Session in their home for a number of reasons.

'It’s messy, it’s not well decorated, it’s small, we just moved in, we have pets, it’s dark.' The reasons are endless and I can totally relate to all of them! The truth is, all of this is okay and some of them are even preferred! Since my Newborn sessions take place in my clients homes, I have ample experience at working in all of these situations. Here are few tips to help ease your mind, and prepare for your Newborn Session!

1. First and most important- don’t stress!! You just had a baby and your LAST focus should be cleaning. These tips are just a guide and if you don’t get to them, it’s no biggie! The first thing I’ll do when I get to your home is have you give me a quick tour of the rooms we are using to find the most desirable light and go from there. I shoot mainly in the Nursery, Living Room, and Master bedroom. Once I determine the light where I am shooting, I can help do anything that needs to be done to prep for pictures.

2. Open all of the blinds/shades in your home. I LOVE natural light, and it is the only light I use to shoot with, so having the blinds and shades open enables me to use each rooms best light. Also, the brightest room isn’t always the best room! Sometimes rooms that appear to be the darkest actually have the most beautiful slivers of light, and that’s often where I love to shoot.

3. Clear nightstands of clutter or distracting elements. They definitely don’t have to be perfectly dusted, but clearing end tables or nightstands of neon Boppys, and any extra clutter, will make transitions between shots quicker. However, I usually don’t notice distracting elements until I’m taking the photos and in that case, I will just quickly hide whatever it is and replace it as soon as we’re done!

4. Less is sometimes more! If you just moved into your home, or the nursery isn’t done quite yet, don't sweat it- that’s okay! I love clean backgrounds so bare walls and rooms suits my style just as well as a perfectly appointed room. The more focus on you and your baby, the better!

5. Introduce your pets to your baby! If you want photos of your fur-babies with your tiny new human baby, make sure this won’t be the first meeting between the two. I love animals and I’m completely comfortable walking into a home with barking, jumping dogs so don’t feel you have to hide them away for the duration of the session. I’m happy to get shots of your pets and baby together if you want, but safety will always be the priority. If your pet is excitable, just make sure they have time to acclimate.

6. Warmth! Newborn babies are still working to regulate their body temperatures and lose heat quickly when stripped naked. Ever changed a baby’s diaper and they are instantly really mad? Yeah- It’s likely that they are just cold. The majority of our session, baby will either be swaddled, or just in a diaper, so it is important to me that your baby is comfortable and warm. For that reason, I’ll ask that you not to turn on any fans or open windows. If it's Summer, maybe even turn the air up during the session.

And that's it!

Still have questions? Shoot me an email: chelseaflowersphotography@gmail.com

I look forward to working with you!

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