Benefits of an In-Home Session | Lawrenceburg Indiana Photographer

Home is where the heart is, and there is nothing more comfortable than being in our own homes. This is where we dream of being while away at work all day, and where we rest our heads after a long week. Perhaps most importantly, home is where we see our children quickly grow into young adults. It is an intimate and familiar space that will offer infinite possibilities for your photos.

An in-home session captures the moments that can’t be scripted-- baby falling asleep on mom’s chest as she’s lying on the couch. Or the look of shock as the dog gets past dad, running unexpectedly into the room as the kids squeal with delight. Perfect life moments that you really can’t get while out taking pictures in the park or other outdoor locations. I can not stress to you enough how these organic moments make the most beautiful photographs.

A lot of client's have had the worry that their home is too small, messy, or dark, please don't worry! I have worked in a variety of homes from 400 sq ft apartments to 4,000 sq ft homes, and I have never found one that didn't work. If it is home to you, that is all that matters. All I need is a window and we are good to go. Natural lighting often makes the best lighting. If we can get light cascading through even just one window, the room will be gently lit and we will be totally set.

At home there are never uninvited strangers making things awkward by walking into your shots, or standing around watching your session. There are also no worries about what the weather will be like on the day of your session.

What I try to stress the most about the in home photography session is that you have so much control– you get more choices of background and props and what kind of theme you want, and all can be changed in an instant. Along with that control, ironically, comes the most out-of-control spontaneity, which you’ll appreciate being caught on camera when you look back on your photos.

Lets meet. Let’s collaborate. Let’s capture these fleeting meaningful moments and make them visual memories to hold on to for a lifetime. When you are ready to book:

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