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If you're on the fence about booking a newborn session, you're probably worrying about things like what to wear, whether or not it's worth the money, that your house is too messy/small, and if it will be stressful to have a stranger there with a new baby...

All of these concerns are totally valid.

But, they are all based on some pretty big misconceptions about what a newborn session is "supposed" to be. I'm mildly obsessed with approaching Newborn Sessions with as much ease, grace, calm, and love as possible.

So here's 6 of my top reasons (there are sooooo many more, but I'll restrain) why in-home newborn sessions are a new parents' best friend.

1. YOU'RE IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE Getting photographed can be intimidating to some people and often brings up ideas about performance and anxiety. I can't tell you how many times inquiries have come in with the disclaimer "(insert person in family) hates getting his/her picture taken."

But in a casual atmosphere, your bare feet, and you favorite chair, the only expectation is that you are simply yourself. You don't have to dress up. You don't have to pose.

-Make coffee. Eat a bagel. Let the dog lick your plate. Read the newspaper. Feed the baby (duh). Throw a load of laundry in. Wear your pajamas if that's what feels good - heck, in those first few days, if that's what life looks like, let's capture it!

2. RELAX You're not going to take photos yourself (that would be waaaay to hard) so cut yourself a tiny bit of slack and hire someone to help you do this one thing, then check it off the list! You don't even have to pack bags to leave the house with changes of clothes and bottles for "just in case." Hire a photographer you love to come to you, and then enjoy keepsakes forever.


My in-home newborn sessions are fun and simple- we just go with the flow. We take breaks as needed, so if your two-year old throws a fit, the baby needs to eat, or there's a massive blowout situation - I've seen it all. These dynamics are still very new to everyone and we can take as much time as needed for your session without having to handle it all in one small room for hours.

I'll also likely swaddle and rock your baby for a good chunk of time so while extra hands are present, power naps are always acceptable.


The pictures on the fridge, the careful details of the nursery, the books on your bedside table, the quilt thrown over the couch that grandma knitted and you curl up in every night together for storytime...

Whether it's a temporary cramped apartment with 70's wallpaper or your forever home, it's part of your story and worth telling.

5. EASILY INCLUDE PETS Yep, again, they're part of your story. They're family. They're loved and will grow alongside the little lives in your home. But not forever. They're just as important to get in the frame and that's so easy to do at home.

6. YOUR SESSION WILL BE ONE OF A KIND Your story is unique so your photos of it should be as well. You won't see the same flower crown, fur blanket, or basket in your images as countless other babies. Instead, you'll have context around the space that will mold your child's memories for her whole life. Pretty cool, right?

Do you love this style of newborn photography, too? If you're interested in learning more about sessions or booking one of your own, visit my website www.chelseaflowersphotography.com

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