Before/After- Through The Lens vs Final Image

Today, I will explain how different before and after images look- and why. And also include screen shots as examples.

As much as I love interacting with my clients, I have to admit that editing their photos is my favorite part of photography. I love to take what we captured- frozen in time, and make it pop!

Viewing your image on my camera at your session (above left), and seeing the final product of your image (above right), will be drastically different. I promise! And there are reasons for this.

Let me explain...

During most of my sessions, as I run through the images on my camera to show the client what we have captured, l always remind them that what they see- drab, flat, dark images, is not what the final photo will look like.

The before photos appear dark. Why? I do this on purpose so that the highlights are preserved in an image for the editing process.

'What the heck does the mean?' This means that when I go to edit in Adobe Lightroom (my preferred editing software), I can play around with the exposure, removing some of the shadows, and the contrast while keeping the highlights and not have a washed out image. It helps leave a wide range for exposure control in post processing.

Besides making an image brighter, I always make minor touch-ups to skin blemishes and unwanted background interference.

DO YOU SEE IT: If you look closely, you can see a bee that wanted to be part of the session (top), but he is not in the final image (bottom).

Also, I will remove any obvious blemishes or spots for you, because that is something may distract from the beauty of the photo itself, but it's not going to drastically change the end result of how you look. However, if someone asked me to totally leave their skin alone, don't worry, I got you- I would leave it alone.

- I have never (nor will I ever) alter a body shape for an image, as I truly don't believe that is moral or necessary.

Editing is a very important part of the process, and each image gets given the time it needs. I would never publish any image without taking the time to edit it, because as you see- look how much of a difference it makes. I hope you've enjoyed this post, and if you have any questions, or have suggestions on other blog topics you'd like to see, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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