For most people the thought of having a stranger come to their home and photograph them can be a little daunting, especially if you aren't exactly comfortable in front of a camera. You may feel like your house is messy, you have nothing to wear, and you might worry that your kids will be absolutely out of control!

Well I am here today to put your mind at ease, to give you the low down on what to expect and help you get prepared!

Let's start with the awkwardness of posing and the fear of the camera.

It's a very real thing, but with a lifestyle session the pressure is OFF! There will be no awkwardness or stiff poses. Instead there will fun and laughter. There will be cuddles on the bed and tickles on the couch, kids playing with their toys, and Fido running around the house. With a little guidance from me, you will soon forget about the camera - I promise!! I love a chat & a good laugh, and that combined with many years of experience, enables me to gently direct you without you even noticing.

What about your house?

You absolutely do not have to have a home that is straight out of a magazine. If you do, well that's great. But it isn't necessary. Big or small, light or dark, modern or old, we will make it work, in fact no matter what your home looks like, it will be the perfect backdrop for your session since it is the place where you and your loved ones connect. It represents you as a family and when you look back in a few years time you will be so glad you had your session at home.

There is very little you need to do to prepare your home for a lifestyle session. A quick tidy up to de-clutter and put things away that you don't want photographed is really all that is needed.

When I arrive, I will get you (or maybe the kids!} to give me a little tour, and from there we will work out what rooms we will use and where we have the best light etc. I generally use the master bedroom, kids rooms, or nursery, and the main living area. Sometimes we might go outside too (weather permitting), or use the kitchen- if you have an activity planned like baking cookies together etc.

I may arrange things a little to make sure we get a good composition and make the best use of the available light. And that's it!

What to Wear?

Honestly, there are NO rules with this. Anything goes. I want you to be comfortable, and to feel good, so wearing what you like is really important. If I was going to give any advice it would be to dress for the situation-- if you don't normally sit around at home in a cocktail dress and heels, don't wear it. Maybe it's everyone in PJ's, or jeans and a T-shirt. Socks or barefeet a must :) Another suggestion is to avoid clothing with busy graphics, advertising or heavy patterns as this can be a little distracting in your final images. Simple really!

Your Kiddo's!

You may be worried that they will act up, and won't cooperate. PLEASE DON'T BE! I know that children are unpredictable and prone to laying on the floor, not wanting to smile, and heading in an entirely different direction. And thats ok! It's normal. And I expect it. I have 4 kiddo's of my own, so I know plenty of tips & tricks to get these little people doing exactly what I want, and if that fails we do what they want! Either way, it will be ok.

I hope I have put your mind at ease. Your session will be so much fun and a perfect opportunity to spend some time unplugged and all snuggled up together. What more could you ask for really? I look forward to hanging out with you at your session!

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