How To Convince Your Husband To Have Family Photos Taken

A friend recently asked me, "How can I convince my husband to do family portraits?"

Often times men will go along with getting family portraits done--just to make the wife happy, but it sure doesn’t mean they are happy about it. Some families just have their kiddos photos taken, because their husbands "just aren't in to it".

This makes me sad because I think it is SO important to show solidarity and togetherness with a family portrait. Not to mention, the lasting memory is totally worth the short time it takes to do photos.

So, to make this a bit easier, I have a tip that will help the man in your life enjoy family portraits a little more.

You ready? It’s very simple- revolve it around something they love to do! Maybe it's Football, or a game of Frisbee, playing the guitar, or camping. Nothing major--just something SIMPLE. The key is to just play and have fun. This might sound like a much more appealing time to the man in your life.

No one LOVES having their photo taken, but we all want that memory! So, for your next family photo session, think of something your husband would enjoy doing.

I absolutely love at the end of a session, when the dad says, "man, that was actually pretty fun!" MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Oh, and don't worry mom- I will definitely get a few posed shots for you as well- but a fun time conveys so well in photographs, and candid shots make some of the best lasting memories.

Just relax, have fun, and let me take care of the rest!

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