6 Awesome Reasons To Hire A Birthday Party Event Photographer

Birthdays are amazing milestones. It's a time to get together with family and friends, make memories, celebrate a whole new year!

Thanks to sites like Pinterest, parties have become increasingly personalized- a sweet mix of family entertainment, and hand-crafted details that make birthdays a truly special celebration.

Some spend hundreds of dollars renting bouncy castles and having a personal cake make, but don't think of hiring a professional photographer to capture it all.

So, I have 6 awesome reasons why you should definitely hire a photographer for your next Birthday Party!


One of the biggest reasons behind a party is not just to celebrate another year, but to create happy memories for your child. Even if he/she is too young to remember the party itself, pictures will live on. And that will consist of your involvement--not your level of preparation-- but your level of presence. Hire a professional so you can get out from behind the camera and get into the lasting memories!


Hosting a birthday party can be a lot of work. You're busy setting up the food, gathering materials for the next game, pointing people toward the bathroom, making sure no one sticks their face in the cake, and listening to Aunt Betty tell you her recipe for hash brown casserole for the 4th time. Leave capturing the memories to the photographer!

3. YOU CAN'T BE EVERYWHERE AT ONCE You can only photograph what you see and while you're handling cake duty, or watching the fun over in the sprinklers. There could be a hilarious moment happening over on the playground that you might miss. You can’t be everywhere at all times, so the photographer is there to capture things you may miss.


If you want frame-worthy images from your child's birthday party, yes it takes a camera, but it also takes finesse, an eye for composure, practiced editing skills, knowledge of lighting- especially indoors or harsh mid-day sunlight. A professional knows how to capture everyone in their best light, no matter the lighting situation.

5. ELIMINATE POST PARTY STRESS The party you've planned went perfectly, and now it's time to clean up--but do you see yourself in the weeks following having several free hours to go through all those pictures, touch them up, and get them printed? Hiring a photographer can make receiving the photos easy. You just enjoy the party and then a week or so later, you receive a perfectly curated images. Choosing to delegate the memory-keeping to a professional will take loads off your already pizza-grease-covered plate.


It's easy for kids and adults to fall subject to the "say-cheese" syndrome, but birthday parties are about fun and festivity -- a pro will be able to capture the in-between moments that showcase real emotion of individuals and groups. Those make the best memories--the shared laugh between siblings, or the dog jumping in to Grandpa's lap for a big wet kiss. THOSE are the best!!!

If you think you would like to hire a professional photographer for your next Birthday Party, let's chat! www.chelseaflowersphotography.com

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