Coordinating Color Groups

Style and color choices can make or break your photos. You want everyone to look nice and be comfortable with what they wear, but where do you start?

I tell my client's to start with one neutral color like Navy, Gray, or Black, and then compliment the neutral with a pop of color like yellow, red, and maybe a pattern.

For example, I chose the palette of colors above based on fabric from some curtains. All the outfit samples could be mixed and matched in different combinations and still look picture perfect because they fit into that palette. This also means that you don't necessarily have to go shopping to get the perfect outfits that match. Everyone is sure to have something in his/her closet that can compliment whatever palette you choose!

Please avoid making every one look "matchy-matchy." Meaning everyone should not wear jeans and white shirts. Don't be afraid to mix and match, it conveys better in the final image!

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